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  1. Levitation - High Field Magnet Laboratory    +1 
  2. 10 Awesome Levitating Objects for the Home Gadgets, Science & Technology   
  3. Diamagnetic Levitation - High Field Magnet Laboratory   
  4. Floating Bed by architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars (Universe Architecture) - YouTube   
  5. Flyte: Levitating Light by Simon Morris — Kickstarter   
  6. How To Make The Magic Magnetic Floating Globe Float - YouTube   
  7. How to Build a Magnetic Levitating Top   
  8. Levitating Lamp by Levitron   
  9. Maglev Train - Simple DIY Project Mepits   
  10. Magnetic Levitation in future - Maglev cars, floating cities in the world... Mepits   
  11. Magnetic levitation   
  12. What is Magnetism? Magnetic Fields & Magnetic Force   
  13. Zo werkt het hoverboard van Lexus - Apparata   
  14. http://chemistry-chemists.com/N2_2012/U4/Diamagnetically_stabilized_magnet_levitation.pdf   
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  1. Electromagnetic suspension
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